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A new method developed by Rice University psychologists for analyzing brain activity may help better understand what happens to the brain following a stroke.

The technique is outlined in “The Cognitive Neuroplasticity of Reading Recovery Following Chronic Stroke: A Representational Similarity Analysis Approach” and appears in the current edition of Neural Plasticity. The method maps how the brain changes after a stroke and helps researchers understand the brain’s reorganization.

The paper is available online at www.hindawi.com/journals/np/2017/2761913/abs/. For more information on neuroplasticity research at Rice, visit http://neuroplasticitylab.rice.edu/. - See more at: http://news.rice.edu/2017/02/23/new-method-for-analyzing-brain-activity-helps-understand-stroke-impact/#sthash.NYMM41oQ.dpuf