Requirements for the BA Degree with a Major in Neuroscience

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Program with a major in Neuroscience must complete:

• A minimum of 62-66 credit hours to satisfy major requirements, dependent on course selection.

• A minimum of 122-126 credit hours to satisfy degree requirements, dependent on course selection.

• A minimum of 60 credit hours outside of major requirements.

The courses listed below satisfy the requirements for this major. In certain instances, courses not on this official list may be substituted upon approval of the major’s academic advisor (or official certifier). Students and their academic advisors should identify and clearly document the courses to be taken.


 Foundation Courses: 12 Courses, 34-35 credit hours     Elective Courses: 4 Courses, 12-13 credit hours 
 MATH 101 Single Variable Calculus 1    BIOC 475 Advanced Neurodevelopment 
 MATH 102 Single Variable Calculus II  3    BIOC 449 Advanced Cell and Molecular Science
 CHEM 121/123 General Chemistry I with lab       BIOE/ELEC 381 Fundamentals of Electrophysiology 
 CHEM 122/124 General Chemistry II with lab     BIOE 492 Sensory Neuroengineering 
 PHYS 125 General Physics I or PHYS 101:Mechanics 4    CAAM/NEUR 415 / ELEC 488    Theoretical Neuroscience
 PHYS 126 General Physics II or PHYS 102: Electricity/Magnetism        4    CAAM/NEUR 416 / ELEC 489  Neural Computation
 BIOC 201  Introductory Biology    COMP/ELEC 440 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
 CAAM 210 Introduction to Computational Engineering     EBIO 321 Animal Behavior 
 PSYC 203 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology     ELEC/NEUR 382 Introduction to Computational Neuroscience  
 Select one from the following:     ELEC 475 Learning from Sensor Data 
 STAT 305 Intro to Stats for BioSciences                 LING 411 Neuro-linguistics 
 STAT 310 Probability & Statistics     NEUR 301 Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience: Attention and Perception 
 STAT 312 Probability & Statistics for Engineers    NEUR 302 Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience: Higher Cognitive Functions
         NEUR 310* Independent Research for Neuroscience
 Core Courses: 4 Courses, 12 credit hours    PHIL 103 Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science
 NEUR/PSYC 362 Cognitive Neuroscience    PHIL 303  Theory of Knowledge 
 NEUR/BIOC/PSYC 380 Fundamental Neuroscience Systems     PHIL 312  Philosophy of Mind
 NEUR 383 / ELEC 380 Introduction to Neuroengineering     PHIL 358 Philosophy of Neuroscience 
 NEUR/BIOC 385 Mollecular/Cellular Neuroscience     PHIL 359 Animal Minds 
         PSYC 354 Introduction to Social and Affective Neuroscience 
 Project-Based Laboratory Courses: 3 Courses, 4-6 credit hours    PSYC 375 Neuropsychology of Language and Memory 
 BIOC 212 Experimental Neuroscience     PSYC 432 Brain and Behavior 
 Select two from the following:        
 NEUR 364 Cognitive Neuroscience lab 1        
 BIOC 415 Experimental Physiology 1        
 BIOC 417 Exp. Cell and Molecular Neuroscience 1        
 NEUR 310  Independent Study in Neuroscience        

*If a student who has previously chosen NEUR 310 to count as a Project-Based Laboratory Course takes the course a second time (for at least three credit hours), then it can be used as an Elective Course toward the major.