Requirements for the Minor in Neuroscience


Students pursuing a minor in Neuroscience must complete:



The courses listed below satisfy the core and specialization requirements for this minor. In certain instances, courses not on this official list may be substituted upon approval of the minor's academic advisor (or the official certifier). Students and their academic advisors should identify and clearly document the courses to be taken.




Core Requirements   
 NEUR 380/PSYC 380/BIOC 380: Fundamental Neuroscience Systems  3 
 Area of Specialization (select one track)  15
 Humanities and Social Sciences Track, OR  
 Natural Sciences and Engineering Track  
 Total Credit Hours required for the Interdisciplinary minor in Neuroscience  18





Humanities and Social Science   Natural Sciences and Engineering 
 Required Course:      Required Course:
 NEUR/PSYC 362 Cognitive Neuroscience: Exploring the Living Brain     NEUR/BIOC 385 Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience 
 Elective Requirements:      Elective Requirements:  
 Select at least 3 courses from HSS electives below. 9    Select at least 3 courses from the NES electives below.  9
 Select at least 1 course from the NSE specialization electives to the right. NEUR/BIOC 385 may be used.         3    Select at least 1 course from the HHS specialization electives to the right. NEUR/PSYC 362 may be used.          9
 Total Credit Hours:   15    Total Credit Hours:    15
 Electives: Humanities and Social Sciences    Electives: Natural Sciences and Engineering
 LING/ANTH 411  Neurolinguistics 3    BIOC 415 Experimental Physiology 
 NEUR 301  Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience: Attention and Perception 3    BIOC 417 Advanced Experimental Neuroscience 1
NEUR 302  Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience: Higher Mental Functions    BIOC 442 Behavioral Neuroscience 3
 NEUR 310  Independent Research for Neuroscience undergraduates 1-4    BIOC/NEUR 449 Advanced Cell and Molecular Neuroscience 
 NEUR 401/402/412  Undergraduate Honors Research & Seminar 11    BIOE/ELEC 381 Fundamentals of Nerve and Muscle Electrophysiology 
 PHIL 103  Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science    BIOE 492 Sensory Neuroengineering
 PHIL 303  Theory of Knowledge 3    COMP 440 Artificial Intelligence 
 PHIL 312  Philosophy of Mind 3    EBIO 321 Animal Behavior
 PHIL 385  Philosophy of Neuroscience 3    ELEC/NEUR 382 Intro to Comptuational Neuroscience 
 PHIL 359  Animal Minds    ELEC 475 Learning from Sensor Data 
 PSYC 354  Intro to Social/Affective Neuroscience    BIOE/ELEC/NEUR 481 Computational/Neuroscience/Neural Engineering  3
 PSYC 375  Neuropsychology of Language and Memory    NEUR 310 Independent Research for Neuroscience undergraduates  1-4 
 PSYC 432  Brain and Behavior    NEUR 364 Cognitive Neuroscience Lab 
         NEUR 364 Intro to Neuroengineering 3
         NEUR 401/402/412 Undergraduate Honors Research & Seminar 11
         NEUR/CAAM 415 / ELEC 489 Theoretical Neuroscience II: Networks and Learning 3
         NEUR 430 Fundamentals of Human Neuroimaging 3