NeuroX Research

NeuroX research spans from medicine to neuroscience, and into the fields beyond: music, philosophy, psychology, and nanoscience all play a role in advancing research that leads to breakthroughs in understanding the mind. By studying the integration of neuroengineering, integrative neuroscience, and the relationship between the brain and mind, we hope to gain a better understanding of nervous systems and also how to use that understanding for the betterment of humanity.

Research Opportunities

In the field of neuroscience, those serious about making a real-world impact keep NeuroX top of mind.

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The combined opportunities and resources of Rice University and Texas Medical Center member institutions are providing high-impact research opportunities you won’t find anywhere else worldwide. Learn more about our team.

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Ready to take that next step in actually changing the world—and people’s lives—for the better? Explore current educational opportunities to take the first step towards a career in neuroscience.

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NeuroX scientists are among the world’s most intelligent and ambitious. They are today’s leaders in neuroscience, educating tomorrow's. Contact us about collaboration.



The brain is essentially a circuit. Neuroengineering, or neural engineering, exploits engineering techniques to understand, repair and manipulate human Neural Systems and Networks.

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Integrative Neuroscience

Integrative Neuroscience is focused on neurobiology and neurophysiology: the molecular and cellular structure of the brain.

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Brain-Mind Relationship

Brain-Mind research focuses on cognitive neuroscience - the biological processes and aspects that underlie cognition and the relationship between mind and brain.

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