Integrative Neuroscience

Integrative Neuroscience is focused on neurobiology and neurophysiology: the molecular and cellular structure of the brain.

Genes Affect Neurotransmission

NeuroX scientist James McNew has shown that the function of neurons is impaired by specific genetic defects that have been proven to cause HSP, a group of inherited neurological disorders that affect about 20,000 people in the United States.

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Genetic Variation in Learning

NeuroX scientist Julia Saltz has found that nature and nurture do collaborate in determining the behavior of a population - some genotypes with particular hereditary variations use environmental cues to make better decisions.

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Stats show difference in brains

A novel statistical approach to analyzing patients with epilepsy has revealed details about their brains’ internal networks. This may lead to better understanding and treatment, according to NeuroX scientist Marina Vannucci.

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