Brain-Mind Relationship

What is the relationship between the brain and the mind? How do they affect each other and influence each other? NeuroX scientists explore this relationship through the study of neurophysiology, or the molecular and cellular makeup of the brain.

Tangled up in Gray

NeuroX scientist Simon Fischer-Baum shows that the brain’s flexibility and modularity – which researchers often study independently – are strongly related, with a theoretical framework to explain the processes.

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Brain Wiring Affects Performance

The way a person’s brain is “wired” directly impacts how well they perform simple and complex tasks, according to NeuroX scientists Randi Martin and Simon Fischer-Baum.

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Algorithm Explains Illusion

Visual speech (mouth movements) mismatched with auditory speech (sounds) can result in the perception of an entirely different message. NeuroX scientist Michael Beauchamp sheds light on why.

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