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Course Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Neuroscience

A minor in neuroscience requires the successful completion of at least six courses (a minimum of 18 credit hours). At least three courses must be at the 300-level or higher, and no more than two courses can apply from study abroad to transfer credits.

Depending on a student's interest, those wishing to minor in neuroscience may choose from one of two unique tracks: the Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) track, which represents cognitive and behavioral approaches to neuroscience, or the Natural Sciences and Engineering (SE) track, which represents genetics, cellular/molecular, bioengineering, computation, and systems-level investigations.

Required Classes

Core Course (regardless of track):

  • NEUR/PSYC/BIOC 380: Fundamental Neuroscience Systems

Core Elective (dependent on chosen track):

  • NEUR/PSYC 362: Cognitive Neuroscience (formally Biopsychology) (HS track) 
  • NEUR/BIOC 385: Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience (SE track)

Elective Classes

  • Students must select four electives (of at least three credits each), and should be chosen in accordance with the track selected by the student for the core.
  • One of the four electives must be chosen from the alternative track, to provide breadth of the field. 
  • No more than two of these electives can be used to fulfill a student's major requirements.

For a listing of elective courses click here then click on the Undergraduate Requirements tab.

 NEUR 401/402/412- Undergraduate Honors Research Special Registration Form
(*New!) NEUR 310- Independent Research NEUR 310 Special Registration Form  - Click here to view similar course content  
**Please note: Effective Fall 2016, NEUR 485 changed to NEUR 310