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Addressing the mysteries of the human mind requires a collaborative approach, cutting across traditional disciplines. NeuroX provides a framework for this new approach, and brings together the best and brightest to learn, teach, explore and expand our understanding of the human mind.


Leadership in Partnership

Access major league resources, research opportunities and educational effectiveness in the field of neuroscience through our strategic alliance with leading global-class institutions.

Interdisciplinary Insights

Go beyond formal disciplines and into neuroengineering, psychology, music, and philosophy, for a comprehensive study of the brain, thought and human behavior.

Applied Research

Go farther with joint research efforts that translate into a more profound consideration of clinical applications—putting you on the front lines of real-life breakthroughs.

Better Opportunities

Participate in cutting-edge labs and real-world clinicals—working alongside renowned neuroscientists researching real-world problems with huge implications.


NeuroX provides a world-class education to train tomorrow's scholars, scientists and engineers. We use diverse methodologies to investigate the brain and its relationship to human behavior.

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NeuroX scientists address the mysteries of the human mind through scientific breakthroughs. We understand that rapid progress lies in interdisciplinary research and collaborative partnership.

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NeuroX is the largest concentration of neuroscience researchers, engineers, and educators in the world. Our areas of expertise range from medicine to music, engineering to philosophy.

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N|X Education

NeuroX isn’t for everyone. You need not only the intellectual wherewithal to take on the mysteries of the human mind—but also the willingness to approach this far-reaching work with an open mind.

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